Saturday, April 29, 2006

An ATC and a Dream


Do I need to tell you this is an ATC?

Here's the dream I had that inspired this card....

So, I'm in New Orleans (i've never been there in real life) and I am on some kind of class trip - I think - because we are a group of maybe 12 girls and we are staying at a bed and breakfast. Our room was in the basement of all places and this basement hadn't really be cleaned up since the hurricane. Our beds and suitcases were put in a crawl space and we had to crawl down a 3ft by 3ft unlit hall to get to the dorm.
This freaked me out...I was in a panic, thinking that as soon as I crawled into the hallway someone would crawl in after me and I would have no way of getting out again.
And that was the dream.

The whole claustrophobic part comes from real life. I have a claustrophobia thing but very specifically defined:

Elevators are no problem at all.
I could sit in a closed closet for hours.
If you hold a blanket over my head - I will freak.
I get panicky if I am in the backseat of a car that only has 2 doors.
I will never ever crawl into anything that is small or confined with only 1 exit.

What do you think, Dr. Freud?